Background of LHCB

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Lutheran Health Care Bangladesh (LHCB) is an International development and humanitarian Organization, registered with the NGO Affairs Bureau & Directorate General of Health Services, Bangladesh for operating health, development and disaster response programs in different districts, especially in disaster prone areas of Bangladesh. The primary moving force of LHCB was started from Dumki Upazila of Patuakhali District through gathering experiences mainly on mother and child health care and community development services. Later, LHCB has expanded its activities in some Upazilas of Madaripur, Barisal and Gopalganj districts emphasizing the concept of Integrated Health and Community Development. LHCB in the past has implemented various income generation activities, capacity building and women empowerment programs, formation of people’s organizations along with water and sanitation activities to ensure holistic development for individual and community as a whole.

LHCB also actively took part in several life saving-efforts, especially during disasters by providing relief and rehabilitation supports focusing on health care services. Since our country is very disaster prone, LHCB is always ready to work for the betterment of the people living here during or after the disaster. LHCB has been operating its activities in partnership with Lutheran Health Care – USA (LHCB-USA) in Minnesota and the Global Mission unit of the Evangelical Lutheran Church at Illinois in America (ELCA). Many of the Lutheran Church congregations in Minnesota as well as other well-wishing organizations, foundations and individuals have been continuing their supports to the LHC-Bangladesh partnership, for its holistic development activities for both the individuals and communities.

Vision :

We envision a Bangladesh where every person will live in community with strong moral values, free from poverty, injustice and oppression, and with equal opportunity for a sustainable livelihood.

Mission :

With love and compassion, LHCB serves the needy and suffering people, especially the women and children of Bangladesh, through programs addressing their physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual needs.

Core Values :

- We strive to earn and convey trust through integrity, openness and honesty.

- We actively listen to those we partner with and those we serve to develop relationships that honor their culture, rights, wishes and dignity.

- We work as a team, holding one another accountable as we diligently pursue opportunities to expand, improve and deepen our work.

- We seek and abide by effective and culturally appropriate practices, ensuring that those we partner with and those we serve benefit from our continuous learning.

- We empower women to serve with us as full partners in the decisions we make and the vision we share.

Objectives :

- Promote justice and equity in health care services for the poor, marginalized, ill, disabled and oppressed people in the target communities.

- Enable chronically marginalized communities, to achieve greater self-reliance in meeting their perceived needs and aspirations.

- Advocate for individuals and communities, for their social justice and human rights.

- Design and implement participatory programs for rehabilitation and ensure food security of vulnerable communities.

- Raise awareness and mitigate arsenic hazards by ensuring safe drinking water facilities.

- Respond to immediate needs with food, shelter, medical services, safe drinking water and sanitation for disaster victims.

- Build networks with the Government, national and international agencies, civil societies and professionals for better understanding, cooperation and learning.

LHCB Calling :

Lutheran Health Care Bangladesh (LHCB) is blessed in its call to work for the sustainable well-being among those living in extreme poverty and oppression, recognizing their existing resources and assets. The demand is huge, but LHCB barely has “two fish and five loaves of bread” to meet the demand.

Legal Status :

Lutheran Health Care Bangladesh (LHCB) was registered with the NGO Affairs Bureau in 1997, as an International Christian faith based non-profit and humanitarian organization, bearing number 1197. LHCB also has got registered with Directorate General of Health Services, bearing numbers for the Hospital-4152 and Pathological Laboratory-8784 and obtained trade license from local government and Fire Service License from Patuakhali district.

Governance :

Constitutionally, the Lutheran Health Care Bangladesh (LHCB) has a 5-9 member Executive Board in Bangladesh, with rights and obligations to operate and lead this organization. The Executive Board also has rights and authority to enroll other donor funding projects, as affiliated agencies upon approval.

The “Joint Planning and Oversight Council (JPOC)” formed by two representatives from each of the LHCB-USA, the ELCA-GM and the Executive Director along with the Executive Board Chairman of the LHCB carries out the mission and goal of this three partied organization. At the project level, there will be a ‘Project Management Team’ comprising of senior level staff members to run and keep functional of its activities headed by Medical Director who will be responsible to the Executive Director, LHCB. An Advisory Committee comprising of Upazila Nirbahi Officer and maximum 3-4 Community Leaders will also play vital role in promoting project activities and helping local management for smooth running of project activities.

Moreover, to ensure good governance in the organization strong Shared Values, Constitution, Personnel Manuel, Admin and Financial Manuel, Employees Provident Fund Policy and Code of Ethics are introduced.