Impact Stories

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Improved Stoves Save Human Lives

Last updated : 23.07.2018

Forest degradation results of increasingly cut down of trees causing serious imbalance in the environment of Bangladesh.  This situation is getting worse because of the high demand of wooden furniture and fulfilling the demands of households and brick fields’ stoves fuel. To combat gradual climate changes ‘World Environment Day’ has been observing worldwide since 1972. Save the Earth, heal the Earth and make it Green - such type of valuable slogans that motivates every individual of each nation in the World is being implied importantly.

Mrs. Tahamina Begum Learned How to Live With Dignity

Last updated : 23.08.2016

Mrs. Tahamina Begum from village Karkhana under Bouphal Upozilla of Patuakhali district is one of the self-help women group members of the LHCB community development program. At present she is a mother of three children but she lost her only shade in river erosion earlier. Considering her situation, her father gave her family a piece of 20 decimals land in Jalisha village to build their house.

Mother of Three Offspring - Triplets

Last updated : 23.08.2016

Mrs. Fatima is a poor and illiterate housewife from an isolate village near LHCB. She was in full term pregnancy, very weak and swooned several times at hospital OPD on 1st July, 2016. Dr. Justine rightfully admitted her and went for some pathological test. She was not our regular ANC patient so it’s routinely to prescribe those tests.

Faith Cured Mrs. Ayasha Begum

Last updated : 23.08.2016

Bangladesh is a Muslim country and here getting married with blood relations is a common scenario for Muslims. But other religious people are quiet rigid on that matter. Mrs. Aysha Begum is a 30 years old woman from the Village Jamla under Dumki Upazilla of Patuakhali district was married with her cousin Mr. Kamal Ahamed. Her first three deliveries were done at home and her fourth child was born death.

Leech Bite-a Different Experience

Last updated : 14.05.2016

Bangladesh is a tropical country with vast lands submerged in water, including ponds, canals and swamps. This wetlands harbor leeches, which particularly infest children during bathing, playing or fishing. Leech bite is common in the rural areas of Bangladesh in rainy season (Ashar & Srabon) found in the external body surfaces like nose, pharynx, larynx, esophagus, genitalia, urethra and rectum. Vaginal bleeding in children as the result of a leech bite is very rare and there are only three case reports available in the Medline Indexed literature.

Poor Habib Cured From Massive Impact

Last updated : 12.07.2015

Md. Habibur Rahman aged 40 years lives in Razakhali, a village very close to LHCB, received treatment from Barisal Medical College Hospital (BMCH), Barisal and also National Orthopedic Hospital (NOH), Dhaka for the massive injury he got while he fell down from the top of a big tree, could not be cured properly. He was a wood cutter, worked in a saw mill and performing the contract of cutting down a large tree in the day of incident. He was very poor and hardly maintained his family of five members.


Fulfillments of the long awaited expectancy

Last updated : 12.07.2015

Mativanga is a remote and isolated village under Chotobighai Union of Patuakhali Sadar Upazila, 40 kilometer away from the LHCB hospital. Most of the people living here is Christian very few are Muslims and Hindus. High percentages of them are literate and government employees others either works in private sector, fisherman or farmer. Roads are either muddy or brick soling. Motorbike or rickshaw-van is the only source of transport. But nature lovers are glued here because of its amazing natural beauties.