Historic Timeline Of LHCB

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Historic Timeline Of LHCB :

Lutheran Health Care Bangladesh (LHCB) is an International development and humanitarian organization, registered with the NGO Affairs Bureau, Bangladesh for operating health, development and disaster response programs in different districts, especially in disaster prone areas of Bangladesh. Presently, LHCB operates an “Integrated Health and Community Development Project” through its hospital at Dumki, in the Patuakhali District. Lutheran Health Care Bangladesh operates this project in partnership with Lutheran Health Care Bangladesh – USA (LHCB-USA) in Minnesota and the Global Mission unit of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) in Illinois. Thirty three Lutheran Church congregations in Minnesota as well as other well wishing organizations, foundations and individuals support the LHC-Bangladesh partnership, for holistic development activities for both individuals and communities.

The primary moving force in starting its work at Dumki Upazila in Patuakhali District was to focus on mother and child health care and community development services. Later, LHCB has revised its strategies to emphasize the concept of Integrated Community Development. It has implemented various income generation activities, capacity building and women empowerment programs, formation of people’s organizations along with water and sanitation activities to ensure holistic development for both the individual and community as a whole.

LHCB in the past actively took part in life saving-efforts, especially during several disasters by providing relief and rehabilitation supports, with special focus on health care service delivery. Since the country is very disaster prone, LHCB is always ready to work to better people’s lives during and after disasters.