Hospital & Health Centers

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A. Curative Health Care Service :

  • Provide Medical Care & Treatment to Patients at Out-Door of LHCB Hospital

  • Conduct Health and community Development Centres in rural and remote places for five days in a week and attend patients

  • Provide Medical Care & Treatment to patients at In door of LHCB Hospital

  • Provide ANC care to pregnant women and PNC care to lactating mothers

  • Conduct normal and caesarean deliveries

  • Conduct pathological tests to patients as required

  • Provide emergency treatment and management to critical patients with referral to tertiary level hospital if necessary

  • Round the clock Pharmacy Service to make medicines easy available to patients

  • Provide family planning services & supports (both temporary & permanent) to eligible couples

Strategy :

The existing LHCB Hospital at Dumki has well equipped infrastructural establishment and professional medical staffs to carry out curative health care services. Health and Community Development Centres needs to be established in different five locations in remote places and deploy staffs as required for carrying out health care activities. Patients/sick people will have access to all medical facilities including medicines at affordable costs.


B. Preventive Health Care Services :

  • Train-up women as Skilled Birth Attendants (SBA)

  • Provide PHC counselling services and education to women, mothers and adolescent girls at community level

  • Provide PHC education to women, mothers and adolescent girls at community level

  • Vaccinate babies/children and pregnant mothers at LHCB Hospital and Health & Community Development Centres

  • Provide reproductive Health care education to adolescent girls

  • Provide nutrition education to mothers

  • Orient community people on water & sanitation, health & hygiene and arsenic mitigation

Strategy :

Vaccination program will be operated both from LHCB Hospital and Health and Community Development Centres with collaboration of government health services. Primary Health Care education will be given from the Hospital and Community Health Centres and using Government Health & Family Planning Centres, Union Complex, local schools and colleges.


Total of 10 women will be selected from communities and will be prepared as Skilled Birth Attendants (SBA) to deploy them in Health and Community Development Centers to carry out maternal health care services. Health volunteers and community organizers will organize groups, facilitate group members and motivate community people to have good practice on basic hygiene and sanitation through courtyards meetings and home visits.